Information for Victims

Any of us may become victim of a crime. Regardless of the type of crime that occurred, whether it be theft or personal injury, it can injure a person or leave them upset or in shock. They often do not know what to do, their rights, or how to exercise them. It is critical that those affected by a crime (referred to as „victim“ in legislation) understand their rights and have the opportunity to find out about them in a comprehensible manner. It is also essential that they know what to expect from criminal proceedings and the procedure after filing a criminal complaint.

Important information about criminal proceedings and your rights as a victim or injured party in criminal proceedings is provided on this website and attached info materials.

It is intended to help you exercise your rights and explain how you can seek redress if a crime has been committed. It does not replace the instructions you receive from the police, the prosecutor’s office or the court. These authorities are obliged to explain your rights and obligations to you in an understandable manner. However, they do not always manage to do so in a way that someone who is in shock can remember all the necessary information. That is why this website summarises your rights and is at your disposal at any time.

Am I a victim?

Information about the status of a victim.

What rights do I have as a victim?

Information about victims' rights.

What is criminal proceedings?

General information on criminal proceedings.

What is the course of criminal proceedings?

Information on rights in criminal proceedings and process.

How can I claim state compensation?

Information on where and how to claim compensation.

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